Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is always investigating the latest needs of our church to ensure our church family is able to stay connected though they may not be able to be with us physically.  Each Sunday our service is streamed via Zoom and youTube. 

Helping organizations, groups, and guilds of the church by creating marketing needs for the different events that they will host, is also part of our ministry; as well as helping to set up online and hybrid meetings for the church.

Are you someone who likes to work with technology, we can always use more people on our team!! 

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Our newsletter is sent out weekly via email to our family and friends.  Our newsletter encompasses events from our church, our diocese, the national church, Columbus and surrounding cities. 

Our newsletter tries hard to supply a variety of information that appeals to everyone.  For example, our church section has events, special services, and announcements. Our youth section supplements our Sunday school classes by offering two types of trivia for all to play and enjoy. 

Anyone can submit information to go in the newsletter by Thursday of each week.