HAGAKURE DAI GAKU Community Outreach Program

The Hagakure Dai Gaku outreach program is a 3-tiered multi-faceted youth and adult enrichment outreach program. St. Philip is the hub for this worldwide program that began in 1966 with members having now started branches of this program in Japan, Spain, Canada, and locally in Ohio.

This program at its base includes free martial arts classes where the students begin learning Japanese, mental health and physical development, and self-defense. Those on the demonstration team, participate in the Annual Asian Festival. The participants attend local tournament competitions, and the Martial Arts World Games which produced a Gold Medalist World champion.

After the martial arts class, students participate in classes or workshops that work towards the discovery and enhancement of their skills and abilities in leadership and interpersonal skills, effective study habits and appreciating the value of language skills (Japanese) other than their own, and promoting the concept that knowledge is power for all ages.

The local branches of this outreach program, work together and provide classes for refugees by offering ESL, and acclamation to life in Ohio. Additional offerings include instruction on nutrition, anatomy and physiology, physics, kinesiology, cardiovascular health, racial awareness and acceptance, and leadership skills. Among participating students, we also serve individuals with special needs and challenges. These skills have helped 2 students receive full ride scholarships to college.

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